My Theory on Leena

What do we know about Leena? Not much, considering. I mean, she was in three and a half seasons and yet she was the only one in the Warehouse family without a significant backstory (or any backstory, really), and nothing was mentioned about her family life. We don’t even know her last name, and I find all of this very disappointing, because I really liked Leena, and I’d like to know more about her.

But is there a reason for this?

What we DO know about Leena is that Mrs. Frederic says she made her a promise. Mrs. Frederic also seemed really concerned when Leena still had traces of the Pearl of Wisdom in her, and explored Leena’s mind herself to keep her safe. So there’s likely some sort of connection between Leena and Mrs. Frederic.

I’m thinking, what if Leena is Mrs. Frederic’s great-great-granddaughter? This could even explain why she has no last name (it might be Frederic).

I realize none of this is real evidence, so it’s less of a theory and more so just a fun headcannon, but I’m still hoping we find out more about Mrs. Frederic’s promise in season 5.


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First name: Nicole / Nickname: Nikki, Thunderbird / Age: 16 / Gender: Girl / Sexual Orientation: Likes "mystery boiyes" / Nationality: American / Relationship status: Single / Likes: Warehouse 13, Orphan Black, Victorious, Jori taping dinosaurs to face, Hannah Celery, Legos, Marten, making movies, Crash Bandicoot, that duck blanket, philosophy, Sophie's World, Marble Hornets, A Bug's Life... list goes on. / Dislikes: Green peppers. List also goes on. / Random fact: Has a lot of Goosebumps books.

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MYSTERY BOIYES. This is 100% true.

(Also forever laughing at the fact you included Hannah Celery on my list of likes)


Its true that she had a bit of an advantage over most followers…

Okay yes knowing you for like nine years and being related to you by blood might be a SLIGHT advantage… MAYBE.