Flaw in the Nancy Drew March Madness Competition

I think that the Nancy Drew March Madness Competition was a great idea. Problem is, I believe there’s a flaw in the Facebook voting system. I’ve noticed that when we are asked to like for one option and comment on another (not just in this competition, but other Facebook votes as well), more often than not the “like” option wins, usually by a landslide. I’m guessing this is because liking takes less time than commenting, and many people just don’t want to take the effort to comment. But for whatever reason, liking always seems to win. Reviewing the votes for the Nancy Drew competition, I’m noticing this has held true. So, I’m left wondering if this competition is actually showing the most popular games.

Has anyone else noticed this pattern?



honestly if this doesn’t convince you to watch a very dramatic new year i don’t know what will